Neobux: Get Paid To Click Guide and Review

Long time readers of this site will know that Neobux is my most profitable Get Paid To Site. This was the first sustainable get paid to click site on the internet. It was founded in 2008, and I joined shortly thereafter.

Here are my current earnings:

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It looks too good to be true, and yes, that number is inflated because most of that money is reinvested to maintain my account. However, Neobux is a great source of passive, reliable income.

This is the amount of cold hard cash that I have received to my bank account:
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I now earn over $5,000 a year with ZERO work. I am also growing my account for the next year with the hopes of pushing that amount to over $7500 a year. Not to shabby for a get paid to click site.

Neobux: What do I need to know?

Neobux is free to join, and free to start earning money. You get paid for each ad you click on per day. There are usually 30-200 ads you can click on, each pays from 2 cents to a tenth of a cent. While daily clicking will make you a few hundred dollars a year, the real money is with rented and direct referrals. If you want to grow your account to over $5000/yr the fastest way is to invest a small amount of money. My roadmap to 10k earned started with using other paid to click sites and invested about $500 of that into Neobux.

  • Step 1: I highly recommend signing-up at Neobux and start clicking a few ads! Click for a few weeks to see if this is something you can do daily. Do not worry if you are not making money to start, your account will take time to grow. Make sure you click on your bonus ads as well for a chance to win more $$ or golden membership.
  • Step 2: Check on the offers tab on Neobux. There are small free offers or jobs for you to complete which will earn you a few $s.
  • Step 3: If this site is for you, time to invest OR continue steps 1 and 2 until you earn enough to grow your account. |RENT your first referrals! This is a huge step.
    • PROTIP: Make sure you renew referral for 240 days. Prioritize this over new referrals!
  • Step 4: If you didn’t win a golden membership, buy a golden membership ASAP!
  • Step 5: Rent, rent and rent more referrals!
  • Step 6: This will be about a year in, but buy an ultimate membership. With this move, and a few thousand referrals you will be making $1000/year.
  • Step 7: Join the 10,000 referral club (like me!) and make over $5000 a year in pure profit.
  • It is a journey. It will take some time. It will be an investment of time and optionally some $$, but at the end of a few years you will have a steady stream of $$ without any further work.
  • In summary, this neobux review and guide shows you the outline for how to make serious cash online by clicking ads. This is the best get paid to click site, and the other one I use.

Until we are all rich,






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