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Thursday, June 19th, 2008 | Author:

Get Paid To Info is taking it’s next big step today.

Official GPT Forum

I just launched the Official Get Paid To Info Forum. Feel free to talk about anything and everything! I’m hoping to build a large community of like minded individuals.

Reviews Directory

Surf on over to my Get Paid To Sites Review Directory to see all my reviews. We have reviewed over 10 sites already! Most are GPT sites but others are web hosting, link exchanges, and way to get more referrals.

Earnings Update

My current earnings for all Get Paid To Sites is now in the right sidebar. I’m very please to be closing in on $500 for total earnings! With most of my earnings $275 coming from CashCrate!

Definitive CashCrate and Get Paid To Complete Offers Guide

I have spent a long time researching and experiementing with what works on get paid to sites. It is all available in my definitive cashcrate guide, although it can be used on any get paid to completed offers site!

In addition I have updated my CashCrate review. If you are new to GPT sites I urge you to take a look. All your doubts will be erased after this reading.

Remember Be Aware of SCAM sites

I can’t stress this enough, for every 1 legit site there are 10 scams sites. I do lots of original research before I even attempt a program. For instance SurveySpot IS A SCAM. At first glance it looked legit. Many sites or blogs that “review” sites only give positive reviews because they only want referrals. This site gives only the most honest reviews and the Pros and Cons of all sites reviewed.

Advertising Opportunities

Today I am announcing the opportunity to advertise for $8/week on this site. During the week of June 8th I received 1,500 visitors (and increasing daily). You will get an advertisement as a buttoned sized banner on the right sidebar site-wide. View my Advertisers Page

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    Thanks for the info of your site. I was particularly in search of GPT’s especially review sites. I hope you can update more of what is available and what are the latest programs available.

    Thanks and keep on blogging.