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WARNING: Update 11/12/08: This site is OFFICIALLY NOT RECOMMENDED. Members are not getting paid, bux.to is also selling bots. Please use a more reliable PTC site, especially if you are going to invest money in the site. I highly recommend NeoBux where I have made over $500 to date. It is very similar to Bux.to but much more reliable. Read my review !


Site Name: Bux.to
Type: Get Paid To Click Ads
Personal Information Given Out: None
Initial Investment: $0
Rating: 3/10 – Low due to slow payment time.
Minimum Payout: $10
Ads/Day: 15
Amount Paid Per Click: $0.01/$0.0125 (regular/premium)
Amount Paid Per Referral Click: $0.01/$0.0125 (regular/premium)
Current Profit: $1.40
Proof of Payment: Pending

Bux.to is one of the best known and oldest get paid to click ads sites on the internet. I started with Bux.to in early June and have not reached the $10 minimum payout yet. Bux.to is one of the best paid to click websites due to its relatively high number of ads per day.

Premium versus Regular membership

A premium membership cost $60/year and give you a few benefits:

  • Surf Ads guaranteed loaded with minimum 20 ads every Day!
  • Earn $0.0125 each click and $0.0125 each click from your referrals.
  • Priority Payments.

When is it profitable to upgrade? Since you will receive an extra $.0025 per click you need to click 24000 times to make up your investment. So unless you have a lot of active referrals, I’d say around 50 active referrals, then it is not worth to upgrade.

Sample Profits:
15 ads, 5 referrals at 15 ads = 15+5*15 = 90 cents/day $27/month
Premium Member: 25 ads, 5 referrals at 15 ads = $1.25/day = $37.50/month

So it does seem possible to make a decent income with only a few active referrals. If you are a really good referrer:

25 ads, 50 referrals at 15 ads/day = $9.68/day = $300 a month.

Are buying referrals worth it?
Unknown. You can buy a referral for about $1 each. If there is strong interest I may invest and buy some referrals for the sake of this site.

Common complaints

  • Very slow payments – Around 2 months in some cases. Bux.to seems to be working to fix this problem
  • Few Ads – Which 15 cents/day by clicking doesn’t seem like a lot it is better than nothing. Also Bux.to has more ads than most.
  • Referrals lose interest. This is true for any program.

Final Thoughts

With no initial investment needed, and no personal information needed to be given out Bux.to offers a way to make a few bucks a month without referrals. It will not make you large amounts of money, but while you are sitting at your computer its probably worth clicking on a few ads. I would like bux.to to add more ads, and speed up payments. If this site interest you I urge you to sign up, there is no risk!

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  1. 1

    I’m waiting for 90$ at bux.to
    IF I will get it, I’m going to invest it into NeoBux of course!

  2. 2

    i got paid once in bux.to for 17.36$ and it took a year and a bit to get that payment XD i even forgot about bux.to i saw the e-mail and said ”wt@” and i’m waiting for 300$ atm =S

  3. I have been waiting 2 years for payout from bux.to now. :(*()

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