Definitive CashCrate Guide

Hopefully this page will help you sign up for and get started making lots of cash at cashcrate!

About: CashCrate is a Get Paid To Complete Offers Site. NO Credit Card Needed. 100% Free!

I will outline exactly what I did to make $100 in my first month working only 10 minutes a day. I will then get into some more advanced techniques.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Get a new email address at Gmail
  2. Go to CashCrate and sign up
  3. You must supply your real information here. They will send you your check to the address given. Also back in 2007 cashcrate called you to verify your information, but now the phone number slot is a past artifact. If you want to sign up for a free voicemail account, try K7, this way you never have to give out your phone number
  4. Congrats you can now start earning money!
  5. Now you need some software to help you fill out surveys very fast.
    1. Roboform: This is used to automatically fill out your own information. The set up is rather easy, just read their website!
    2. CCleaner: CCleaner clears our cookies and other tracking data from your computer. This is important because an offer will not get credited if you’ve already visited the site. Thus using this software will help you get most, if not all, of your offers to confirm!
  6. It is against the terms of cashcrate to use false information. You risk getting banned by using fake information, so the use of real information is best. I get lots of emails, but rarely do I get any snail mail or phone calls. If you get a spam phone call just say “take me off your list” and you will never hear from them again.

CashCrate: Get Paid To Site Tips For Offers

  1. Never do any of the “side” offers during an offer. These are “gold” or “silver” offers that pop up.
  2. Hit Alt + to automatically select the “no” radio boxes
  3. Some offers will confirm in less than 1 hour, with most confirming overnight.
  4. You can increase how many of your offers get confirmed by clearing your cookies with ccleaner EVERY 5 offers. And by using a new email address ever 5 offers. A trick with your new gmail email is, say it is getpaidto@gmail.com then g.etpaidto@gmail.com get.paidto@gmail.com are all valid and look unique to the sites offering the offers! The only time you must use your cashcrate email is during the daily surveys!
  5. If you still have trouble getting offers confirmed you can go further into the offer even if the url changes and leave the final page open for 5 minutes.
  6. Congrats. Now you can be making $100′s in a matter of hours.

Do you have a lot of pending offers?

Pending offers can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to confirm. Some, for unknown reasons, will never confirm. It seems that the advertisers are getting more strict about confirming offers. I now recommend only doing one offer at a time, clearing your cookies after every few offers, and change emails after every few offers. Also only do about $5 worth of offers at a time, wait for those to confirm, then repeat. Some other tips include leaving the “congrats” page open for a few extra minutes. If any members have ideas about how to make more of your offers confirm please post it in our forum. Also you can always redo offers. This may seem like a pain, but remember it is still free money. I personally have never had this issue. For a lot of the offers where the first page is an email submit, I only do that page – and I always get confirmed.

You Tube Video

Here is a Video Showing you these great tips in action!

[New Video Coming Soon!]

Get Paid To Sites: Advanced Topics

How to get referrals!

Referrals are a great way to increase your profits.

Start a Blog or Website devoted to CashCrate. I recommend using LunarPages. For $4 a month you get 15 gb storage and 15,000 gb bandwidth and a free domain name for life! Also if you use lunar pages you get to use their control panel and can set up a blog like this in minutes!

Try using GetRef: GetRef Review
More Advice coming soon!

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  1. 1

    Can someone please help me with this? I have done 2 surveys and stopped when the link changed and I dont even have a single pending yet. Does it take some time to show up or what?

  2. 2

    After you complete an offer you need to hit “submit” on the cashcrate page. This will make it go to pending!

  3. 3

    Do you use your k7 phone # on cashcrate?

  4. 4

    How many different email addresses should we use? If 5, that we rotate every 5, is that enough? Great info! I’ve been signed up to cashcrate but was stuck at just $10!

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  6. 6

    Hi,I’ve joined under your link,why I just get 4 offer on my page?how to get more offer?

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    investor home loan 

    I was wondering if you could set up some sort of system so when your publish a new article, i get emailed to alert me? Or something like that.

  8. 8

    what kind of rotate email i have to use to complete offers.
    is this from company?
    or from me?

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